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Our wide range of services cover all marketing, public relations and content creation needs, and so much more. With such a diverse host of capabilities at CCG, including event management, branding, in-house printing and IT solutions to name a few we ensure each client’s campaign is tailor-made and ultimately, results driven. No two clients are identical, and likewise, each highly customized campaign our professionals craft will be unique to suit each client’s needs.


We are at our best when taking a complete approach. We bring all the necessary skills together, then see a campaign or project through from start to finish. A multidisciplinary background makes this possible.


Event management is about creating a live experience to engage, inform and inspire your audience in the most immersive way possible: up close and personal.


At its core, Public Relations (PR) is about reputation. For a business, reputation influences everything from sales figures and media image to future business opportunities. A well-managed reputation is an investment that pays dividends.


It is impossible to do business in today’s world without the use of information technology, and it would be impossible for us to provide a truly comprehensive service without an in-house IT team. Everyone knows that IT is a powerful tool to apply in corporate communications, but CCG knows when and how to integrate IT services for maximum effect in all aspects of a campaign.

Language Services

Visual presentations that appeal to the senses are important for attracting people to your brand Whether it’s something you have written or something you said, words inform about the important decisions.

Design & Media Production

When it comes to design and media production, CCG provides an integrated approach with services that range from graphic design and layout arrangement to video production.

Digital Marketing

Technologies have reshaped the public relations landscape thoroughly. With a large influx of information every day, rising above the noise can be extremely challenging. In view of this, we help our clients step into the digital world and extend their influence.


Printed materials are physical representations of your corporate brand and image. We emphasize the importance of quality in all aspects of printing: creative design, material selection, printing technique, workflow, distribution arrangement, and cost efficiency. With our own printing partner in Hong Kong, CCG is able to offer a one-stop print solution for all your daily business needs.

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