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We are a multidisciplinary agency with a focused expertise in corporate and marketing communications. Our mission is to provide a full range of services in marketing and corporate communications to help our clients achieve the success they seek and bring their aspirations to life. We customize the most suitable strategies for our clients according to the following approach:


Live and Succeed

Our motto “Live and Succeed” captures our core work philosophy

Every client’s brand, project or company carries a vision. Communication is about people first. Therefore, it is crucial to communicate your vision in a way that will resonate with the hearts and minds of your target audience through an attractive, human touch. Only then can a meaningful connection be made.

Working for your success doesn’t simply mean achieving a goal. We actively seek to understand the essence of your brand, and we help to fulfil its potential to the best of our ability. This experience is as rewarding for all of us at CCG as it is for our clients. Success is living.

CCG Statement of Principles

Our Partners

We work closely and regularly with our trusted partners to deliver the services our clients require.


Stimulus Investor Relations (Stimulus IR)

Stimulus Investor Relations (Stimulus IR) is a full-service financial communications consultancy that specializes in customized IR and financial PR communications, and providing support for listed companies and enterprises seeking to list in Hong Kong, China, or the US, from a broad spectrum of industries.


Prime Work Limited (PrimeWork)

Prime Work Limited (PrimeWork) specializes in project management and consulting, and provides a range of design and production services for different project and event types.


Profolium Technology Limited

Profolium Technology Limited specializes in providing IT solutions and consultancy services at all levels within an organization to design, deploy, operate, and improve IT services that are essential to any business.


Shenzhen Shield De Media Limited

Shenzhen Shield De Media Limited is a design and printing company that focuses on corporate image and investment product packaging, graphic design, exhibition and event planning, translation services, typesetting, and printing.

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PR Network – Asia Chapter

PR Network – Asia Chapter is a group of independent public relations agencies covering Asia. PR Network HQ is in Europe and covers Europe & USA.

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